Young students’ idea realized

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The company Izinga and eight young students signed a contract reading further development of a good idea, in order to implement  a concrete solution to the market, for avoiding dangerous spread of infection by bacteria and virus – also in the fight against Ebola, writes Izinga on their website.

During a InnoEvent week earlier this year, where about 500 students from Lillebaelt Academy and University College Lillebaelt attended to find new solutions to a presentation by Odense University Hospital.

A group of eight students, found a new way to combined a laboratory coat with double sided tape and a garbage bag.  They solved the challenge by innovative thinking, in order to prevent relatives and staff to seriously ill, being infected by bacteria or viruses.

Izinga saw opportunities in this particular solution and concluded an agreement with the young students’ during the innovation week.

– I could see a huge potential in the product, which can be implemented quickly and solves a significant problem. The solution is simple and can be realized. Therefore, I offered the group to enter into a committing collaboration, so that they use their training to develop the product, and I contribute with my knowledge and my contacts in the industry. When the prototype is ready, it must be tested at Odense University Hospital, says owner and director of Izinga Jannick Toftegaard Jensen.

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