Will the Municipality of Odense become an ideal within Health Technology?

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uge 3 - wirtschaftswoche

The German journalist, Susanne Kutter, from the business magazine WirtschaftsWoche attended WHINN 2016 and has now written a 2-page article in the magazine on the potential for using the Odense-case as inspiration for future initiatives within the German health area.

The article praises the way the Municipality of Odense uses the newest health technology like Telemedicine and assistive aids etc. to help people affected by illness, the elderly, the disabled and their relatives.

Markus Horneber, chairman of the board at the Agaplesion Hospital, admires the solution implemented in Odense, but since the German financing structure within the healthcare system is much more complex than the Danish structure, he does not think the healthcare solutions found in Odense are applicable to Germany.

Susanne Kutter concludes the article by associating Odense with a fantasy land, where patients have the opportunity to create a better life for themselves.

You can read the full article here (in German).