Videnbyen is the new talent center in Odense, Denmark

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Videnbyen photographer: Kirstine Mengel

On September 1st, Videnbyen opens up for the public. The new science and innovation centre is located at Cortex Park – a new part of the city, located at the Southern University of Denmark, Science Park Odense and the upcoming new Odense University Hospital. Videnbyen will in total cover an area of 7.500 m2.

Videnbyen has been found on a unique collaboration between the higher education programs in Odense and Science Park Odense to create a new, common platform for students, scientists, entrepreneurs and businesses. All to create a platform with science and innovation at its centre.

Videnbyen photographer: Kirstine Mengel

Videnbyen photographer: Kirstine Mengel

Videnbyen consists of four houses spread around a shared town square. Like the famous school from the Harry Potter books, Hogwarts, it has halls and staircases that connects the four houses internally.

The town square is the heart of the town, not unlike an old market place. Like any other town, Videnbyen also finds a common ground at the town square at the Café, located in the centre of the square. However, Videnbyen also holds what any other modern “city” needs, like exciting workshops, elegant conference rooms and labs.

One of the houses has great office facilities especially aimed at growth-oriented companies. An initiative called Plug n’ Play also brings inhabitants to the town. Plug n’ Play makes it possible for people to rent a desk on a temporary, flexible basis, allowing a stream of people in and out of Videnbyen.

Videnbyen is not like any other place. Above the houses, a handball arena hangs from the roof. While working as a place to exercise, it can also function as an exhibition centre or a concert hall. At the very top, you will find the town park, spread around a beautiful roof terrace.

The people of Videnbyen are scientists, students, researchers and inventors. Everyone looking for a great project. That is why the business world looks towards Videnbyen to find some of the newest research from some of the brightest minds.

Another one of the houses works as an incubator for young students with a profitable corporation idea. The incubator is an extension of a project that has been running at Science Park Odense for a year, where 25 young entrepreneur teams has been offered workstations, guidance and help throughout the year. Now the project has expanded and the house will welcome even more teams to the highflying environment.

Jobs for the future

Videnbyen photographer: Kirstine Mengel

Videnbyen photographer: Kirstine Mengel

“The most important thing is that the house is for everyone – The talented student, the ambitious entrepreneur, the innovative company and the investor who can tell when they sees a good idea. Because it is when the innovative meets the established, the young meets the experienced, the idea meets the investment that we create new solutions to the modern welfare society. These solutions are the workplaces of the future,” says Helle Thylkjær, Managing Director of the Syddanske Forskerparker Foundation.

With Videnbyen, Syddanske Forskerparker opens its second branch in Odense. In addition to Science Park Odense, The Southern University of Denmark and University College Lillebælt will be the main contributors to Videnbyen. It is the real estate company Den Fynske Forskerpark, who has built the new Videnby. Den Fynske Forskerpark has also made Science Park Odense.

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