User testing in 1:1 mock-up of living rooms, showers and kitchens

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Mock up Kerteminde. User testing in 1:1 mock-up of living rooms, showers and kitchens

The municipality of Kerteminde is doing user driven tests of living rooms, showers and kitchens in the future rehabilitation center. 

– It has been exciting and rewarding to test alongside the citizens in connection with this project.Testing in real life-size mock-ups creates great value, both for us but also for the citizen. The citizens sometimes find it difficult to discuss functionality, size and lay-out with only the floor plan to look at, says Karin Elbek, partner in the architect firm RUM.Mock up Kerteminde

Before construction of the future rehabilitation center in Kerteminde begins, the municipality is involving a broad variety of different employees in testing the functionality of the rooms. This is in order to secure the quality and identify the best and most appropriate décor in the different rooms.

Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark has on the basis of the architects at RUM project proposal build a 1:1 mock-up of a citizen living room, bath, training and kitchen, which are the rooms being tested initially.

Everyday scenarios acted out
The building is to support general human, physiological, social needs and the rehabilitating approach; this applies both in relation to the general training of ordinary daily life and in relation to the rehabilitation of ordinary skills.

During the testing employees act out different scenarios, some take the part of the citizen and others play the role of health professionals. In this way, it is investigated whether the number of square meters and lay-out works well in real life working situations in the final build.
– It is always an intense process when the daily scenarios are acted out in a mock-up test, because it is of great importance for all involved that it reflects reality. This is what we are good at here, explains Carina Lykke Johannsen who is Innovation Consultant at the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark.

Testing secures the optimal building
Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark collaborates with the municipality of Kerteminde and the architect firm RUM about user involvement and the determining the functional demands of the 1800m2 build.
Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark will in the coming design detailing-process take part with their expert knowledge and familiarity of the specific target group

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