User involvement led to improvement of the training facilities at the new rehabilitation centre in Kerteminde, Denmark

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Kerteminde Municipality has used user involvement for the last time, before the construction of a new rehabilitation centre in Kerteminde begins in spring 2016th. 
Employees and manager from Kerteminde Municipality, and the architects from the architectural firm RUM, who are the designers behind the new Rehabilitation centre in Kerteminde, were present at the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, November 5th, 2015 at the last user involvement test.

This time, employee’s tested the functionality and design of a large training facility, a treatment room, and a training facility in multiple levels. The functionality of citizen living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens was tested, during a previous user test in June 2015.

The user involvement showed that the multiple levels in the training facility, was not functioning
The test of the training facility showed that the multiple levels in the training facility caused problems in relation to workflow for the employees. The problems were related to access, protection shield, and safety.

Claus Jensen, Partner/Architect MAA at RUM explains the test result:
“The test was a successful and a reliable test of workflows, design solutions, and security etc. in relation to the training facilities in the new rehabilitation centre

“We got a clear indication in the task group that there were things that could be improved by adjustments to the interior design solution. We learned, among other things, that the different levels in the training facility gave an inappropriate flow, in relation to the movement patterns and staff resources.”

User involvement qualifies the construction and eliminates errors
The user testing process showed once again the value of testing the functionality and design of a room, before approving the final project, and the construction begins.

“We are glad that we conducted the test of the training facilities. The employees get the opportunity to qualify the coming construction through a test, thus avoid making mistakes, which will be expensive to rectify”, says Project Manager Signe Bech Skibsted, Property Management in Kerteminde Municipality.

By Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark