Two million DKK for innovative tender for interpreter services

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Tolkeservice. Two million DKK for innovative tender for interpreter services

The Market Development Fund grants 2 million DKK for a nationwide joint tender for interpreter services at hospitals, in the psychiatrics and the medical practices. 

Tenders as innovative procurement secures the best solution. Therefore, the nationwide joint tender service is tasked with developing a tender process that involves innovation. The involvement of patients, health personnel, interpreter businesses, and interpreters ensures that the interpretation service is covered from all angles.

– The project is ground breaking because it is a learning process that is thinking innovation and creativity into the procurement process. It is new, explains Therese Høy Thomsen, Project Manager in the procurement department at the Region of Southern Denmark.

Interpretation by telecommunications
The tender for interpreter services deals with both traditional interpreters’ and tele-interpreters. The objective is for the tender to support a process where the majority of interpreting is done via tele-interpreters.
– Our focus is interpreter solutions that can streamline our interpreter service to the citizens and thereby give us an economic gain, says Therese Høy Thomsen

Education focuses on the ethical issuesTolkeservice
Educating interpreters will be a part of the tender. Integrity is important when it comes to interpreters, both when attending in person or via tele-presence. The education focuses on ethical issues and goes into depth in difficult topics such as; man-woman issues, children interpreting for adults, and religion.

– The project sets place in a new interesting market that demands something from all actors. The companies that deliver these services must mature in their way of running a business and the regions need to view tele-presence interpreting as an equally qualified way of delivering interpretation services as attending in person, ends Therese Høy Thomsen.

Tele interpretation is widely used in the Region of Southern Denmark
The Region of Southern Denmark is the region in Denmark, which is the furthest in implementing tele-presence interpreting. 61percent of the total amount of interpreter uses are through tele-presence.

Overall, both patients and personnel are content with tele-presence interpreters.
Experience shows that it provides more efficient interpretations – and thereby conversation with patient. One of the greatest advantaged is that it becomes easier to offer acute interpretations and the use of relatives in interpreting is reduces. Staff save time in those instances where they are waiting on interpreters before starting consultation.

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