Three million DKK to project focused on making scanning more accommodating to children

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The radiology department in Kolding has been granted three million DKK from Trygfonden and Ole Kirk’s Fund, to the project ”Children Centered Care”. 
The money is used to prepare children before they go to the hospital and also to make it a more pleasant experience when they are there.

The project ”Children Centered Care” is developing a “child friendly care” approach in the radiology departments at Kolding hospital. This is to ensure involvement of children, the comfort for them and to avoid anaesthesia at MR-scans.

When you are 10 years old, going to a hospital is not a pleasant experience
10year old Sofie Blanner Lundbo knows all about how scared and uncomfortable it can be, when you are ill and have to go through numerous examinations and treatments at the hospital. For two years, Sofie has been a patient at the H.C. Andersen Children Hospital at the Odense University Hospital (OUH), because she had leukaemia, but the interactive children’s universe they offer, has been immensely helpful to Sofie.

“An app used at the hospital, explains and elaborates on what to expect when you are going for a scan or getting blood drawn. It is very nice to know before it happens, it made me less afraid,” says Sofie, who is now in complete remission.

She was with her mom, Lotter Blanner at the reception at Kolding Hospital, when the radiology department was celebrating the donation of three million DKK. That money is earmarked to making the hospital experience easier for children, and to prepare them before they go to the hospital.

“We have been inspired both by OUH and Rigshospitalet, and we are trying to combine the experiences others have made. Our goal is that 75 percent of the 4-10 year olds can avoid being sedated in connection with an MR-scan,” explains chief physician Ib Erik Jensen.

Rumle helps children and parents to a better experience
The three million DKK will be used to develop an integrated concept which contains pedagogical training of a team of radiologists as well as the development of an app based on the known Rumle character from the children’s ward. The parents thereby get the chance to prepare the children for what is going to happen.

Last but not least, a children’s lounge will be build, with soft light, paintings on the walls and a test-scanner where children will get the opportunity to scan their stuffed animals or dolls.

Collaboration between Kolding Hospital, Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark and Phillips
The project ”Children Centered Care” is a collaboration between Kolding Hospital, Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark and Phillips. The project group expects the initiatives and research results to be completed within the next two years.

Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark is contributing with the development of one coherent concept for a safe and comforting patient experience.

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