The German company CorporateHealth to Odense

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Dr. Cornelius Glismann

Attraction of international business is an effort that now yields results. The German company CorporateHealth opens an office in Denmark. 


Dr. Cornelius Glismann

German company CorporateHealth has employed three Danish nurses after more than a year of sparring and consulting. The German doctor Cornelius Glismann is one of the two founders of CorporateHealth and it is more than a year ago, he had the first talks with Healthcare DENMARK about the possibilities of doing business in Denmark. The company has reached an agreement with the University Hospital of Odense and have decided to move their main office to Odense. Odense is also where they will locate their research and development department, and from where they will run their activities in Hamburg and New York.

Cornelius Glismann is the founder of CorporateHealth, a company that offers a complete service concept for optimization of screening programs for bowel cancer, by using a camerapill. The plan is to offer the camerapill to citizens who have been sent in their preliminary screening and have been chosen for a colonoscopy.

– The citizen can then use the camerapill in a safe environment for example in their own home. At the same time, this concept offers the hospital the opportunity to save costly resources, which can then be transferred to other purposes, Cornelius explains.

The camerapill enables to sort out those citizens who do not need further examination at an early stage, which will save time and resources for both hospital and citizens.

Three determining factors
– We know that we have a great product with obvious advantages, and the Danish healthcare system is flexible and open to new methods and products. Those factors have made our path to the Danish market considerably shorter, considers Cornelius Glismann, who also point to a third determining factor: Consulting

– We have been met by great hospitality. We have been introduced to key organisations and key actors. To name a few, we were quickly introduced to the renowned cancer researchers at Odense University Hospital, professor and doctor Gunnar Baatrup as well as professor and doctor Niels Quist, who rapidly established a research project concerning screening methods. That help and hospitality has been vital, he says.

Healthcare DENMARK also established contact with, the Danish united entry to the digital healthcare system, who plays a major role in getting the citizens to adapt the solution.

-When foreign businesspeople come to Denmark with new interesting health technologies, as in this case, it is crucial that we help them to understand how the Danish healthcare system works, and that we provide them with access to clinicians, researchers and decision makers. The work Healthcare DENMARK has done is spot on, says Mads Rasmussen partner in Accelarace.

Capital, strategy and public support
Mads Rasmussen and Accelerace have specialised in helping new business gain access to the market within healthcare technology and other so-called tech-industries.
Accelerace sees potential in CorporateHealth and has been advising the company, in the past months, in how to adjust the product and the business plan to the Danish clinical setting and the Danish market for health technology.

Accelerace is working on getting the company anchored in a business sense. This is done by fostering engagement with a bank and a local auditor, and by helping with an international go-to-market strategy and finding the funds to realise that strategy.

– The objective is not just to anchor CorporateHealth in Denmark, but also to a great extent to form a strategy which ensures that the company will be able to exploit its international potential, says Mads Rasmussen.

– CorporateHealth has an office in Science Park Odense
– Three nurses have been employed to help the patients that will be examined by the camerapill

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