The first sod of New OUH has been taken

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Silje, Theodor, Maja og Alma tager første spadestik. 
Første spadestik til OUH. Silje Bruun Nyholm - 3 år, HCA
Theodor Starup Juhl Fuglsang - 6 år, HCA
Maja – 10 år, psykiatrien
Alma, 12 år, psykiatrien
Stephanie Lose og Sophie Løhde flankerer spadestiksbørnene.

After many, many hours of preparation, we are now ready to start the construction of the New OUH, writes OUH on their website.

The New OUH will include 224,000 m2 somatic hospital and 26,000 m2 psychiatry hospital. It will be the largest construction in Southern Denmark, and when it is completed, the New OUH will be the largest brand new hospital in Denmark.

But how will the new hospital actually look like? Take a look in this new animation video.