The EU Commission rated the Antilope project ”Excellent”

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MedCom sets a new agenda for quality control, of testing and certification of communication standards for the health sector, with a project that received the highest possible rating by the European Commission. 

The Antilope project was rated as Excellent. The highest rating that can be given by the European Commission. It is an impressive indication of the good work done by all the parties.Antilope Logo

The Antilope Project outline among other things, guidelines and set-up of quality control of testing and certification of communication standards for the healthcare sector. The project forms the basis for continuation of MedComs ongoing quality control and accreditation of testing and certification procedures.
In other words, MedCom want to, by using a quality-control-system, ensure a higher degree of professionalism, where documentation and procedures are conducted in a uniform, transparent and independently of the IT system being tested, and the MedCom employee/employees performing the test.

Testing and Certification
MedCom has for 15 years tested and certified, which means that more than 60 IT suppliers to the Danish health sector has implemented communication standards correctly. Six million messages are sent a month, that is quite large amount of data being exchanged in the Danish health-data-network, which is the reason why it makes sense to continue to work with the Antilope quality-control-system.

A total of two years of work presented
The Antilope project is an EU-funded project, which has just ended after two years of work with MedCom as coordinator. The project ended with a review January 30, 2015 by the EU Commission.

Prior to the evaluation day of the Antilope project, a so-called Handover Workshop was held on January 29, 2015, where all the results from the Antilope project was presented and discussed for further implementation in the EU projects over the coming years. The workshop, held in the Belgian city of Gent, was a success with nearly 100 participants with representatives from many EU countries.

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