The elderly of Odense, Denmark counts the steps in an EU-Project

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Odenses ældre tæller skridt i EU-projekt. The elderly of Odense, Denmark counts the steps in an EU-Project

The nursing homes of Odense, Denmark counts their steps and tries out an open source IT-platform for healthcare technology in collaboration with five other EU-countries.

The nursing homes of Odense Municipality take part in an EU-project called “ReAAL”. Residents and staff from the nursing homes and rehabilitation centres have agreed to test a pedometer-app, the data are presented in Sekoia, a software platform for nursing homes and disability care homes, which improves quality and efficiency by streamlining the workflow between caregiver and caretaker.

More than 5.000 EU-citizen are testing
Six countries and more than 5.000 EU-citizen are now testing different healthcare technologies, which all use the new open source IT-platform. The project must identify if the platform makes is possible for smaller suppliers within Healthcare technology to enter the market. If the answer is yes, it will provide the consumers, including Odense Municipality, with low-priced products and simplified access to these products.

Henning Hansen fra Havebæk Plejecenter i Odense er en af dem, der tester den nye skridttæller-app. Her er han ude at gå sammen med social- og sundhedshjælper Lise-Lotte Knudsen. (Billedet er tidligere bragt i Magasinet Pleje.)

Henning Hansen from Havebæk Care Centre in Odense is one of those who test the new pedometer app. Here he is going along with social and health care worker Lise-Lotte Knudsen.

The benefit for Odense
At this moment residents and staff benefits positively from the experience by being involved in the project, Project manager Betina Hansen says:

– There is of course the obvious physical benefits for the test subjects by testing the app. Some use the pedometer to help maintain their current level of function, while others use it as motivation to be more active in their everyday life. In addition, we test whether the residents themselves and not only the staff can use the Sekoia-screen, which are already installed in every municipal nursing home. Some of the test persons have already shown great interest in interacting with the screens.

Odense Municipality ha a rehabilitative mindset based on the citizen’s own goals. The first experiences form the project shows that the pedometer-app is a great tool to support the elderly in their goals and it’s also a good tool for the staff. The app can guide the elderly to see how far they are with their workout – and it gives something to talk about. The staff and residents talks about how far they have come in relation to their target, how it went last week and what has happened today.

A rehabilitation-app is also being tested
Odense Municipality is also testing a rehabilitation-app. The employees at the municipal rehabilitation center Hollufgård is testing the app with patients who go to rehabilitation after an injury or surgery.

REAAL project runs until spring 2016. Read more here

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