The Danish Technological Institute develops export knowledge for companies

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DTI has developed a market-profile for the Japanese market addressed for companies within welfare technology, which they can download. With the market-profile, companies gain knowledge about the Japanese healthcare sector, legal requirements, and more, writes WelfareTech on their website.

When companies want to find new export markets such as Japan, the frequently asked questions is formulated; How is the Japanese healthcare sector structured? What are the legal requirements for welfare technology? And who is the Japanese user? The new market profile for the Japanese market within health and welfare technologies, answer among other such questions.

– We wanted to create a qualified decision, based on Japan as a market. Do’s and don’ts, you might say. DTI’s Japanese expertise has made it easier to enter the Japanese market, because we knew who we needed to talk to, says Liv-Fiksdal Janne Hansen, CEO of KR Hospital Equipment.

The large amount of knowledge about both export preparation, market adaptation, and introduction of a new product in Japan are now gathered in the market-profile, to great benefit for the companies.