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Deconx offers the best solution for disinfection on the market, and this position is now ensured for the future. 

The Research Council of Norway, has announced that they are going to allocate 52 million EURO, to the most innovative companies’ in Norway. Deconx has hereof, together with a number of partners, been awarded with 1,77 million Euro for a 3-year research project, which will ensure the disinfection technology of the future.

Deconx was established in Oslo in 2014, first under the name “Helse & Miljø”, then “Bakteriefritt”, and back in 2013 the company changed name to Deconx.

The company want to enter the Danish market. In 2014, Deconx was given a Takeoff start-up office, at Syddanske Forskerpark in Odense, Denmark. Through mentors, within the Takeoff-environment, Deconx started to enter the Danish Market, with a new board of directors and administration.

“It has been incredibly important for us, to be a part of a common environment with other start-up companies. We have gained support and sparring, and especially the network with the other companies in Forskerparken have helped us to gain access into the Danish municipalities and hospitals”, says project manager in Denmark, Karsten Hansen.

Deconx has moved fast forward since the beginning. Today Deconx has their own offices in Syddanske Forskerparker’s new department, Videnbyen. The municipality of Ærø has already bought and implemented the Deconx’ technologies, and several other municipalities are interest in Deconx’ technologies, for instance Esbjerg.  Many Danish hospitals are considering Deconx’ solutions very seriously, while several hospitals in Norway already use Deconx’ technologies, in their hospitals and ambulances.

“The future looks bright for disinfection in both Norway and Denmark. Beyond the recognition of Deconx’ work, provided in the allocation from the Research Council of Norway, Deconx’ technologies also provide the food industry and healthcare sector with the opportunity to obtain new standards within sanitation (hygiene). It implies that unnecessary infections, via the food we ingest, and the facilities surrounding us, will be minimized additionally – with considerable human and economic benefits”, says Karsten Hansen.

In relation to the Danish customers, the additional funds allow, that they can get a say in the future development of the latest disinfections technologies, and thus meeting our customers’ wants and needs, emphasise Karsten Hansen.

About Deconx
The Deconx “DX1” is a solution for sterilisation of rooms. Through the use of the innovative technology, and customised nozzles, which make a dare mist, the spread of infectious disease is effectively reduced. The disinfection technology is efficient against the most well known bacteria, viruses, and spore with a log 6-reduction (removes 99.9999% of all microorganisms).

The method is gentle and does not damage furniture, textiles, or electronics. The residue of the DX1 sterilization, only contains oxygen, which means there is no need to wipe or rinse any surfaces after using a DX1 disinfection.

Business partners
Deconx has together with their business partners, been awarded money from The Research Council of Norway, for their project: “Next generation within disinfection and new areas for automate disinfection” (Innovation Programme for User-driven Research-based Innovation – BIA)

Partners in the project are: Nofima, CMR, Gexcon, Grilstad, Sjøtroll, Sunnås Sykehus, and Gatehospitalet.

For more information about the product, please contact:
Project manager Karsten Hansen at +45 2083 2229

For more information about Take-off or Syddanske Forskerpark, please contact:
Communicator Anja Højfeldt Jespersen at + 45 2339 9952

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