Testing super-operating-theatre for extensive and complicated surgeries through user involvement

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Healthcare personnel from three specialities and anaesthesia tested operating-theatre for large and complicated surgeries. 

Doctors, nurses, and radiographers tested the interior decoration and working procedure in 1:1 mock-up of a hybrid-theatre, which is a super-operating-theatre for extensive and complicated surgeries, like angioplasty and cardiovascular.

The hybrid-theatre is extra spacious to provide more space for technological equipment like different x-ray systems, heart-lung machines, and echocardiography devices, which all are used during an operation and must therefore be available at the operating-theatre.

Completely banal errors can be avoided
Jørgen Fisker, Clinical Director from Anaesthesiology and Intensive care ward V, at Odense University Hospital, has taken part in several user tests. He explains the test cycle:

“Test 1:1 mock-up reflects reality in an entirely different way contrary to a floor plan. We gain information about the dimensions of the equipment and a visual sense of working procedure, which can prevent quite common errors.”

“For example, it must be possible to move the patient’s bed into place, without having to rotate it. This practice among others can be tried out in a mock-up”.

Jørgen Fisker thinks that the time the healthcare personnel used on testing facilities, is well spent. He explains the experience from a previous user involvement, where the floor plan had inverted operating-rooms, which is inappropriate in a clinical working day where working procedures preferably must be the same in all situations. The floor plan was changed, so all operating-rooms were alike.

“User involvements provide the opportunity for dialogue and also act like a kind of teambuilding. We collaborate – it provides a sense of community, which benefits us when we work with patients”, says Jørgen Fisker.

User involvement and simulated operational in 1:1 mock-up
The framework for the many different hospital wards and operating-rooms in the upcoming super hospital New OUH is planned, but it is still possible to adjust the interior decoration.

The test of the hybrid-room is the last user involved test in a long series of tests, provided by the project organisation behind the construction of the New OUH has completed.

In The Health Innovation centre of Southern Denmark’s large hall, located in Forskerparken (Science park) Odense, models of the patient’s wards, ambulatory- and treatment rooms, quarantine wards, intensive wards and a standard operating-room had been built. All the wards have been tested by users and the experiences are used by the advisors to finish the project. All mock-up sessions are seen as inputs, the finishing process is completed with related user-processes, techniques, and such.

The construction of the New OUH will begin in the spring 2016th.

By Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark