Telemedicine is the future – can we keep up?

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Bent Hansen, the chairman of the Danish Regions, wishes the launching of projects within telemedicine in the public sector were much further than it really is. The problem, Bent says to MedWatch, is the non-decision making of the public sector. It is one thing to be safe, and another thing to be slow, he says.

If the Danish Healthcare System is to be equipped for the future, telemedicine needs to be a part of the equation. Bent Hansen wants the Danish Regions to be firstmovers, and many Danish companies have already or are on their way to developing innovative solutions within telemedicine, but the process of implementing the solutions is slowed down by the bureaucracy in the public sector and the need for public servants to be careful when initiating new projects. The solution is commitment, Bent Hansen claims.

There has been an abundance of pilot projects, which have all been evaluated when finished, but then the process often ends there. According to Bent Hansen, politicians need to focus on making binding contracts between the relevant parties. This will insure the implementation of projects that work, and shut down projects that do not work faster than now.

The economic discussion is absolutely necessary, Bent Hansen says. Money is a scarce resource, but we have to get better at overcoming economic hurdles, because if we do not, we will never launch the projects that are needed in the future. In other words: We need to spend money now, if we want to feel safer about the future.

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