Telemedicine for parents with premature babies is a success

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Since November 2015 OUH and CIMT has been running a telemedicine project to test whether it is possible to discharge premature babies and their mother at an early (but stable) stage and offer them a telemedicine solution to support them in the important first months of the baby’s life, writes CIMT on their webpage

So far, more than 90 children and their parents have been discharged with telemedicine, and it has been a great success. The families feel safe and supported and are very happy that they get to be in their own home and establish themselves as a family.
Also the hospital staff are satisfied. They feel that they are still able to provide high quality service to both child and parents.

The project is part of a PhD study that will end in late 2017, but the results on both clinical and economic effects are expected to be published during 2017.

Read more about the PhD project here.