Technology must make life easier for 15 families

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Min hverdag med teknologi

In order for healthcare technology to become part of the support, users should be involved in selecting and testing the technologies. 

This approach will be tested by 15 families in the project “Living with technology”, which Odense Municipality held Thursday November 12, 2015. The families will supply Odense Municipality with the opportunity to learn more about, how technologies provide value in family’s everyday life.

Odense Municipality inspiration for this kind of project comes from Middelfart Municipality, who is working on a similar project.

– “Living with technology” must enlighten us in relation to what happens when we let loose and let the citizens choose themselves; do they choose technologies, which we did not find relevant for them? Does it result in effects that we otherwise had noticed? Moreover, the most important point in this project is that the whole family and their closest network are thought into the project. Sometimes it is perhaps a relative who needs help from technology, for example, so they can feel safe about leaving the house, explains Head of Centre for Welfare Technology, Morten Hoff.

Technology must provide value
The project will specifically supply the participating families more value in their everyday life with technology. The project should also challenge the municipality’s approach towards how they refer assistive devices and technologies. Are the citizen, with their knowledge about their own everyday life better equipped to choose the appropriate technologies?

The participants’ experiences with the various technologies will be regularly collected through contact with the individual family, to allow the good experiences to be spread out and benefit to more. A family coordinator will assist the families in selecting the technologies that they want to take home and try, and be in continuous dialogue with the families throughout the project.

A buffet of technologies
The Mayor of Odense, Anker Boye and elderly- and disability council member Brian Skov Nielsen launches the project Thursday November 12, 2015. At the same time, the participating families are invited into the first of three self-service days where they receive their first assistive devices and technologies to take home – so they can get started by trying out the technology in their everyday lives. At this first self-service, the technologies and aids are the municipality’s own, which the participants can take home – products that Odense Municipality already, refer to citizens or are in the process of testing.

The project is running throughout 2016, here after an evaluation process begins. The project is a collaboration between Odense Municipality and the consulting firm Public Intelligence, which also collaborate with the Middelfart Municipality on their “Technology at eye level.”

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