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Office space for one year and the availability of counselling, sparring and possible investment if you want to start your own business is so popular an offer that Syddanske Forskerparker now expands with yet another “take-off” startup department.
A new entrepreneurial team often uses the kitchen or basement as their first offices, which might not always be the best solution for creating a start-up company. For nearly two years ago Syddanske Forskerparker took the consequence of this and launched, in its own words, the best offer for new entrepreneurs, in Denmark. The offer includes one year of free offices space, networking, counselling, and possible investment and it is popular. Syddanske Forskerparker is a science park in the southern part of Denmark.

The new department opened February 1, 2016
Syddanske Forskerparker had 30 seats for entrepreneurs, but with over 40 people allocate at 15 entrepreneurial teams, the need for more space was important. The current start-up environment, placed in Videnbyen, is therefore supplement with another start-up environment at Syddanske Forskerparker, where there is room for 11 new entrepreneurs. The new department opened February 1, 2016, entrepreneurs can apply for an office space via this link .

The offer is called “TakeOff”, which is exactly what it should be, explains project manager for Syddanske Forskerparker Søren Holmberg:
“In short, we as a fund provide the facilities to open the way for ideas to become businesses. Our many partners, including four investment companies, are ready with counselling, both individually and more generally.  We will not force any startup to do something, which does not make sense to them.  We only do what makes sense”, he explains.

Increasing success rate
And it works. 66% of the twenty entrepreneurial teams, who have been through their first year in “TakeOff”, have excelled with own or external funding and can thus continue to develop towards becoming a strong company, who create growth.

The companies using the offer of “TakeOff” cover a wide range. The range contains companies who are developing drone technologies, consulting firms within the learning industry, and a high-end furniture design company. All these companies are placed in the early phase of their establishment and they all have a strong focus on becoming high-growth companies.

The new website is available from February 1, 2016. Via the link you can learn more and apply for an entrepreneur office in the new “TakeOff” environment.

For more information, contact:
Anja Højfeldt Jespersen, aj@syddanskeforskerparker.dk, 23 39 99 52

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