Telemedicine is the future – can we keep up?

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Bent Hansen, the chairman of the Danish Regions, wishes the launching of projects within telemedicine in the public sector were much further than it really is. The problem, Bent says to MedWatch, is the non-decision making of the public sector. It is one thing to be safe, and another thing to be slow, he says.

Telemedicine for parents with premature babies is a success

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Since November 2015 OUH and CIMT has been running a telemedicine project to test whether it is possible to discharge premature babies and their mother at an early (but stable) stage and offer them a telemedicine solution to support them in the important first months of the baby’s life, writes CIMT on their webpage. 

Collaboration within the ecosystem is important

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Welfare Tech

Welfare Tech’s annual network meeting was conducted April 25, 2016 in Odense. The major theme was how collaboration across the network can lead to export and new business opportunities, writes Welfare Tech on their website.