The construction of New OUH attracts Swedish company

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uge 19 - cambio healthcare systems

The Swedish company Cambio Healthcare Systems have chosen to open a division in Odense. On the 1. Of May the office opened with 4 employees in Videnbyen – Odense’s new house for talent, innovation and entrepreneurship, located right next to University of Southern Denmark and close to the new OUH.

Denmark tops global health systems transparency index

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Photograph of the Danish Flag called Dannebrog.

Denmark has the most transparent health system in the world, providing accessible, reliable, useful and up-to-date information to stakeholders. Denmark tops the global health systems transparency index 2017 by KPMG, achieving top ratings on transparency of ‘governance’, ‘personal healthcare data’ and ‘finance’. Transparency of information can be a powerful tool to reduce the cost and improve the quality of healthcare. … Read More

Come meet us at Vitalis 2017

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uge 17 - Vitalis

Vitalis 2017 is the largest ehealth event in Scandinavia and offers a vibrant conference and exhibition that covers every aspect of business development in health, care and welfare where IT solutions provide support and assistance.

The time of disappearing tissue samples is over

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Tube for testing human blood. Depth of field with focus on the Blood Test label.

Scientists at SDU are developing a robot freezer, which will secure that patients’ genes and blood-, tissue-, or cell samples do not go missing at the bottom of a chest freezer or end up in the wrong hands. Blood tests that go missing or must be retaken because it was stored below the right temperature; problems with finding the test in … Read More

New SDU astronaut training robot can help the weak and elderly

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woman in a wheelchair

Right now, engineers from SDU and Danish Aerospace Company are collaboration on creating training equipment for future astronauts. Training with robots instead of very heavy exercise bikes that are currently being used, will improve the training and be more practical on board a spacecraft.

Will 3D cameras help treat diabetic ulcers?

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diabetes complications

Every year, around 3000 Danes get ulcers related to diabetes. The ulcers are very hard to treat and they will in some cases lead to amputation – costly procedures both emotionally for the patient and economically for society. Because ulcers are often deep and complex, the adjoining nerves and vessels are at a higher risk of infection, which can lead … Read More