Multi Tower Robot secures 1 million Euro Investment

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uge 21 - multi tower robot investment

In February 2017, Blue Ocean Robotics unveiled the plans for the innovative mobile patient-moving robot, Multi Tower Robot, designed to transfer patients carefully and without using fixed overhead lifts. The robot is now spun-out into an independent company, Multi Tower Company, after the completed Seed investment round. 

Care staff involvement makes implementation easier

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Uge 11 - Suma Care

The biggest challenge for welfare technology companies is not the actual development of new products and solution – it’s the implementation of the technology in the day-to-day operation. Suma Care from Odense is aware of this challenge and has attempted to preempt it by collaborating with other companies to get input from the care staff and thereby further developing their … Read More

NewIcon in Odense – OUH-deal on the way

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Uge 10 - NewIcon og OUH

NewIcon has established a Danish subsidiary, in which Hanne Hansen-Nord has begun as the Key Account Manager on 1 February, 2017. The first smart medicine cabinet trial unit will be installed at Odense University Hospital in the end of March 2017.

New app supports patients through their hospitalization

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uge 6 - mit forløb

Digitalization and the use of tablets has all become a natural part of the daily work at hospitals and Clinics. The app “mit forløb” (“my pathway”) was developed to support the patient through the process of being in hospital, as well as optimizing clinical working procedures for employees.

New robot solution to assist in hospitals

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uge 6 - blue ocean

Blue Ocean Robotics has developed a new robot solution in a PPP collaboration with University Hospital in Køge (South of Copenhagen). The new Multi-Tower Robot is designed to transfer patients carefully and without using fixed overhead lifts.