Welfare Innovation Day 2017

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uge 3 - Velfærdens innodag

Come meet Odense Health and be a part of the biggest welfare innovation conference in Denmark. Meet welfare leaders from public, private and voluntary organizations and get involved in the debate regarding the new initiatives, which will lead to better and more sustainable welfare solutions.

Join the Altenpflege Exibition 2017

Odense HealthOdense Health

uge 2 - Altenpflege 2017

Altenpflege is the foremost exibition within the field of elderly care. Join the delegation, which can provide you with a unique opportunity to experience the most innovative products and solutions. If your company has its own ideas or even product or solutions you will be able to present these and possibly gain international ground, WelfareTech writes on their website.

Telemedicine for parents with premature babies is a success

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Since November 2015 OUH and CIMT has been running a telemedicine project to test whether it is possible to discharge premature babies and their mother at an early (but stable) stage and offer them a telemedicine solution to support them in the important first months of the baby’s life, writes CIMT on their webpage. 

CIMT at World of Health IT 2016

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November will also host another international event; the World of Health IT conference, better known as WoHIT, which takes place in Barcelona, Spain and this year CIMT will join the conference, writes CIMT on their webpage. 

Focus on Southern Germany

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Innovation Centre Denmark in Munich, The Region of Southern Denmark and The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) have arranged a workshop focusing on doing business with companies in Southern Germany.