Public Intelligence from Funen kick-start the export of welfare


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The company Public Intelligence can be the icebreaker to a growing export market for the Health- and Welfare-innovation, when the University of Surrey in England copies the southern Danish test environment, writes Fyens Stiftstidene on their website.

The British buys know-how from Southern Denmark


KSS AHSN expo-January2016

Public Intelligence has signed a contract with Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network (KSS AHSN) in the delivery of a concept for the creation of a Living Lab at the University of Surrey. The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark will assist Public Intelligence in this assignment. 

Nordic matchmaking – Nordic collaboration


Eero Toivainen Finpro

Finpro wants to speed up the Nordic Matchmaking and let the global market see the Nordic Market as a whole – the countries and habits are quite similar.  

Innovation from Finland to Denmark



Finland has a successful history of innovation and development, and some of the latest innovation is ready for use in Denmark at once. 

Denmark is European innovation leader

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Without innovation, companies quickly lose their competitiveness. Danish companies are very effective innovators and Denmark ranks second in the 2015 edition of the Innovation Union Scoreboard from the European Union. There is always room for improvement, though, and Danish companies continue to sophisticate their processes.