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Syddanske Forskerparker i Kolding

A brand new innovation and entrepreneur house will see the light of day this summer, when Syddanske Forskerparker opens the fifth department, which will be located in an old warehouse at the Port of Kolding. 

The old warehouse used to contain physical packages and goods, now the warehouse makes room for packages of good ideas and growth initiatives, at the Port of Kolding. Svane Shipping has converted the old Bornholmer warehouse, which from here on will be run as an innovation house, managed by Syddanske Forskerparker, whom already has departments in Odense and Sønderborg.

The new innovation environment accounts for just over 1,850 m2. The partnership, with Syddanske Forskerparker as the major tenant, contains Business Kolding, the University of Southern Denmark, Design2Innovate, and Invest in Denmark. Syddanske Forskerparker will rent out the remaining square metre, for innovative companies and entrepreneurs from the study environment surrounding the area.

It is a unique environment that is brewing, explains Director of Syddanske Forskerparker, Helle Thylkjær:
“The location next to the University is crucial. The new department has managed to bring many different partners together under one roof, which will have created an interesting environment that can help to attract successful entrepreneurs to the area”.

The new department is, in addition to Business Kolding and the University of Southern Denmark activities, going to house accommodate the possibility for renting out desk and office spaces and offering entrepreneurs to be part of the start-up environment, called Takeoff. The Takeoff offer already exists in Syddanske Forskerparkers departments in Odense. The Takeoff offer includes an office space, consultancy supplied by a partner network, and social/professional networking events for brand new start-up companies.

For further information:
Tommy Langhoff, CEO at Business Kolding, + 45 2081 2927
Søren Holmberg, Project Manager, + 45 3125 5252
Anja Højfeldt Jespersen, Communicator, + 45 2339 9952

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