Remembering and understanding made easy with QR codes

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Most people know QR codes from their smartphones, but now the technology is also being used to help people who are cognitively challenged.

At a home for physically and/or mentally disabled people in Tønder (Southern of Denmark) the residents use QR codes to help them remember and understand their activities and errands though-out the day.

With MOBI:DO it is as if you store your memory in the QR codes. This can mean the world to people with ADHD, brain damage, dementia or learning disabled. The only thing you need is a smartphone or a tablet and you are good to go. The QR codes are hung up around the house anywhere it is needed by the user and as soon as the codes are scanned, the instruction pop up.

Henrik Bryld, CEO of Tele Call who develop the idea behind MOBI:DO, says: “It is welfare technology made simple and accessible.”

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