Public-private innovation bridge the “valley of death”

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Engelsk billede

Fifteen real stories from the business world, shows how companies benefit from the Southern Danish growth efforts.

The Southern Denmark Growth Forum assists companies over the “valley of death”. New innovative products never grow from the development stage to the real market, and for that reason, the road from prototype to market is known as the “valley of death”.

By entering a Public-Private Innovation (PPI)-project, new innovative products and solutions are tested, tried out, and developed in collaboration between private companies, the public sector and end-users. Through this project, products are optimized according to their environment, i.e. in hospitals and municipalities, and it facilitates the company’s opportunity to achieve commercial success.

The PPI-project provide products or solutions with a better opportunity to sell on the market. It gives them the ability to compete, on commercial terms, with products already possessing a large market share. Hereby the product quickly generates revenue for companies – and especially benefits the end-user.

Fifteen stories from real businesses

Engelsk billede

The stories show the potential for collaboration between public actors and private companies. The minimum amount, which the PPI-funds have allocated a partnership, is DKK 406,038 while the largest amounts have been DKK 1.49 million. The investment in public-private partnerships, typically leads to increased sale for the private company and employment of an additional 1-3 employees immediately after project completion, based on the companies’ own indication.

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