Nursing staff needs specializing within dementia technology

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Geriatric doctor taking care of elderly man with dementia.

Dementia costs the Danish society 24 billion kroner each year. Welfare technology can ease the economic pressure and give dementia patients a better life, but this must go hand in hand with the specialization of the nursing staff. That is the goal of a new Danish-German dementia collaboration.

We now have a situation where the technology to help elderly people with dementia is abundant, but GPS systems, robots or digital communication platforms are of no use, if the staff surrounding the patient cannot employ them. This problem is now addressed by Demantec, which is a Danish-German collaboration that will endeavor to link the newest dementia technologies with the education and specialization of the care staff over the next three years. This will be an attempt to reach the full potential of the dementia technology for the benefit of the patients as well as the next of kin and the staff.

Head of the nursing home Rise Parken in Aabenraa, Else Iseling, is excited about the goal of the collaboration: It is amazing when technology helps us gain more human contact. But it demands that the staff has the competences and the motivation to use the technology. That is why there is a great potential in integrating the use of technology in the training and education of our staff.

Welfare Tech, which is one of the Danish partners in Demantec, has great experience with the collaboration between welfare technology companies and educational institutions. They have joined the collaboration because they see a big potential for the Danish corporate sector: “By gaining access to German skilled personnel and the German knowledge of dementia, the Danish companies can gain a competitive advantage. Not only can they test and adjust their solutions in practice but they also get a close collaboration with the staff about the use of the technology in the everyday life”, Christian Graversen, CEO of Welfare Tech comments.

Alongside these advantages, the cross-border collaboration gives the companies a unique access and insight into the concrete challenges facing dementia care sector and the knowledge of how their solutions are to be scaled and adjusted for the big markets.

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