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Eero Toivainen Finpro

Finpro wants to speed up the Nordic Matchmaking and let the global market see the Nordic Market as a whole – the countries and habits are quite similar.  
Finpro, the Finnish counterpart to Healthcare DENMARK, invited a Danish delegation from three regions and two university hospitals to visit Helsinki. Two busy days were programmed, and the Danish delegation took part in matchmaking and visited startups-companies – both new and well established – and learned more about the business of building hospitals in Finland and other business areas.

According to programme director Eero Toivainen from Finpro, both Denmark and Finland could benefit from a closer collaboration:
“5.000.000 people is not enough for a test market, and the countries and habits are quite similar.  The small Nordic countries must work together and let the global market see a united Nordic Market of Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. We would like to facilitate the Nordic matchmaking, and help the Danish companies to matchmaking companies in Finland”.

Global focus
Digital health is the strength of Finland as well as the history of wearables, mobile tech, and an eco system that could be an additional value for Danish companies.

Eero Toivainen sends out an invitation to network in order to let the new products from the many startups-companies in both countries find its place in the Nordic market.

“When we look at the time it takes for a new product to go to a market, it is too slow. It is easier to sell a product globally, when the product is a part of the Nordic market. We should approach the global market more united with a bigger market angle than one product”, says Eero Toivainen.

With this in mind he also thinks that a Nordic angle could be a part of WHINN with keynote speakers from all four countries. Finpro was participating in the WHINN Exhibition in Odense from the 19th – 22nd October 2015 in Odense, where several conferences were taking place.
WHINN 2016 will take place from the 3rd – 7th October.

The delegates consisted of representatives from:

  • Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT), Odense University Hospital
  • Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark
  • Project team The New Koege University Hospital, Region Sealand
  • Unit for Research and Innovation, The Capital Region of Denmark

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By Odense Health, Centre for Innovative Medicial Technology (CIMT) and Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark