Odense Health wishes everyone a lovely summer

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Odense Health is closed in week 29 and 30, but we are back on the 31st of July, refreshed and ready to tell you why Odense is the place to be if you have a business in the health and welfare sector!

It has been an eventful year with new companies joing our ecosystem, big and succesful conferences and delegations from all over the world – from France to Japan and the latest one from Germany, where e.g. MiR and NewIcon (who are both situated in Odense) had a chance to show their products and solutions.

The delegation from Gernmany was very impressed and saw things and products that had never seen before. One of the chief nurses who visited us said that “all of the things we saw today tells me that people are thinking much further and more innovative and ever.”

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Health technology saves municipalities half a billion

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Talking old lady through her medication

A recent study from Local Government Denmark (KL) concludes that the use of welfare technology has saved the municipalities over 500 million DKK from 2014 to 2016. A survey in the study also shows that the nursing staff’s work environment has improved as well as patients’ sense of security and quality. Read More

SMOOTH project receives 11 million

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uge 25 - smooth

The robot fetches water, picks up laundry and follows the elderly to lunch. At the same time the robot can interpret emotions like fatigue. Scientists from SDU are developing this robot in collaboration with the municipality of Køge and Patient@home, which will be ready to use in nursing homes in 2 years.

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Counting the days until WHINN? Join CIMT at Folkemødet!

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While there are still about 4 month until this year’s WHINN conference is kicked off, you have the opportunity to delve into the world of innovation and health care solutions! CIMT (Centre for Innovative Medical Technology) and the University of Southern Denmark has joined forces and offers you a change to discover their collaboration in development, testing, implementation and research within the area of innovative technologies in the health sector.

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WHINN 2017 – Value-based Healthcare Conference

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At this year’s WHINN, you have the opportunity the conference of Value-based Healthcare, where the innovation accelerators as augmented and virtual reality, next generation security, 3D printing, IOT, Cognitive and Robotics will be introduced and debated.

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Multi Tower Robot secures 1 million Euro Investment

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uge 21 - multi tower robot investment

In February 2017, Blue Ocean Robotics unveiled the plans for the innovative mobile patient-moving robot, Multi Tower Robot, designed to transfer patients carefully and without using fixed overhead lifts. The robot is now spun-out into an independent company, Multi Tower Company, after the completed Seed investment round.  Read More