NewIcon in Odense – OUH-deal on the way

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Uge 10 - NewIcon og OUH

NewIcon has established a Danish subsidiary, in which Hanne Hansen-Nord has begun as the Key Account Manager on 1 February, 2017. The first smart medicine cabinet trial unit will be installed at Odense University Hospital in the end of March 2017.

“After getting to know the eMED cabinet, it will be moved to the emergency room (FAM) where the emergency response nurses will use and test the cabinet for two months”, Clinical Pharmacy Manager and Head of Section, Mia Lolk Lund states.

NewIcon chose Denmark in general and Odense in particular, because the country has dozens of projects underway, where new hospitals are being built and old ones are renovated. There is need for modern solutions if the hospitals are to fulfill their goal to improve efficiency through centralization. NewIcon has developed some of these modern solutions and hope to develop even more.

Another advantage of starting a subsidiary in Odense is the multitude of other robot tech companies that have established headquarters in the municipality. The inspiring ecosystem within the clusters that has been developed over many years in Odense is quite unique and so is the Danish way of structuring the health sector as a whole.

Key Account Manager Hansen-Nord has 20 years of experience in sales. She has worked as a Laboratory Technician in the North Denmark Regional Hospital in Hjørring, a Sales Representative at pharmaceutical company Nycomed DAK, a Team Leader at Eli Lilly A/S, a Sales Manager at Kruuse A/S and at Ewii Telecare (formerly Trefor) with telemedicine.

“Hanne brings sales experience from hospital and municipalities, which will be used in her new position. The pattern from both sectors is innovation, safety and increased efficiency, which fits perfectly with the products and services NewIcon represents”, Vice President Marja Jaurakkajärvi says.

NewIcon has 50 employees in Finland, and even though the company sells its storage robots in Israel and Russia, the Danish office will be the first to open outside of Finland.

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