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It is old news that finding you way around a hospital can be difficult. When the New University Hospital in Odense (New OUH) opens its doors in 2022, the staff and patients are faced with the inconvenience of having to find their way around a new hospital, which can be difficult to get an overall view of, given its size. A group of Demola students has found an innovative solution.

A group of students have had the foresight to predict this future problem and has created an app to solve it. The students come from different educational institutions, namely Lillebaelt Academy, University of Southern Denmark and University College Lillebaelt and has found each other through Demola, who, alongside the universities, has created a new elective course that makes it possible for students to get together across disciplines and be innovative and use their theory in practice. The app has been well received by the CMO and director and member of the managing board at OUH, Peder Jest. “The app is user friendly and can easily become more personal and be integrated with the already existing apps, like Mit Forløb (My Process). I think this app has huge potential.”

Demola is an international organization that facilitates co-creation projects between university students and companies. It is an ecosystem that enables universities, students and companies collaborate and is based on a fusion of ideas, skills, and perspectives of students from various backgrounds. Read more on Demola here

The app is easy to use and after you download it to your smart phone, you are guided through the hospital by virtual footprints in the same style as Pokémon Go. Augmented Reality (AR), which is the technology used as the base for the app, makes it possible to supplement the reality that you see through your phone, e.g. by adding signs to walls or in this case show you exactly which way to go. See the presentation of the app here (in Danish).

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Picture 1: Example of Augmented Reality. 

Picture 2: The team of students, who has developed the app.