New robot ensures prompt results on blood tests

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Uge 9 - blodprøver

New OUH is investing in new technology that provides patients with answers to their blood tests within a day. Via colour coding, the robot sorts the tests and sends one every 3 seconds to the lab. Both tissue- cell- and blood samples are handled more delicately and with fewer mistakes, which benefits the patient as well as the hospital.

The innovative robot was developed by Gibotech, situated in Odense. The hospital in Hillerød has already been using the robot for half a year. The results are staggering. The robot has reduced the amount of tests that would have to be re-taken by 1600. This is equivalent to 141.000 Danish kroner, plus half of a position of a bioanalyst, which amount to 200.000 kroner – in total, a cost-saving of 341.000.

The ongoing hospital expansions has created many new jobs within the company and they expect to hire between 10 and 15 new employees this year alone. The company has tripled their workforce in 3 years and currently has 66 employees.

The robot solution is a part of an overall automatization of the logistics at the New OUH. Its job is to contribute in creating reliable and effective solutions in the hospital. The goal is to make the logistics 8% more effective in total. “We want to automatize the entire logistics at the Hospital. From the entry dock, through our service tunnel and through to the hospital”, project manager of logistics, Peter Lamp Sørensen, says.

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Foto: Morten Grundholm