The construction of New OUH attracts Swedish company

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The Swedish company Cambio Healthcare Systems have chosen to open a division in Odense. On the 1. Of May the office opened with 4 employees in Videnbyen – Odense’s new house for talent, innovation and entrepreneurship, located right next to University of Southern Denmark and close to the new OUH.

The plans have been on the way for a while, because of the proximity to Cambio’s biggest Danish customer – the Region of Southern Denmark.

“For a while, we have wanted to open a division in Odense close to our biggest Danish customer. Internally we have several steps that make it possible to work even closer with OUH and the rest of the hospitals in the Region of Southern Denmark, and we very much look forward to that,” CEO Steffen Lerche explains.

Cambio Healthcare Systems has worked with the Region of Southern Denmark for several years on supplying electronic patient records system (EPJ), but their product portfolio also contains products like voice recognition software and software that can help doctors make the best evidence-based decision about a patient.

500 employees worldwide:

  • Cambio Healthcare Systems is an international company with approximately 500 employees at the global level
  • The GHQ is in Sweden where the research and development department is also located and more than 200 employees work.
  • In Denmark Cambio Healthcare Systems is responsible for supplying EPJ to the National Defence’s Health Service and to Greenland and the Faroe Islands

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