New number: growth-entrepreneurs survive the first difficult years

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It may be difficult to start a company. However, in Syddanske Forskerparkers start-up environment Takeoff, it is a lot easier, at least if you measure the companies’ survival rate within the first year. 64% of the start-ups, which is a part of Forskerparkens offer for entrepreneurs and startups, is in fact operating, increasing or developing due to new capital, after their first year, writes Syddanske Forskerparker on their website.

Takeoff has worked for two years, and the above numbers are from a recently completed evaluation of Takeoff. Another trend shows that the companies originate from Southern University, actually more than half of the companies originate from of the SDU or other universities around the country. The   of SDU-startups in the Takeoff environment has doubled within the past year.

Takeoff is an offer, where startups gain one year of free office space in a dedicated environment with other serious startup companies, and where they gain professional feedback through a network of professional partners, including a number of investment companies.
This make the Takeoff offer very popular. So popular that soon 80 people have had use of the Takeoff environment, divided between 40 start-ups.

“We believe that we have found the right offer with Takeoff,” believes director of Syddanske Forskerparker Helle Thylkjær Henriksen and elaborates: “We have cut to the bone and focused on what entrepreneurs really needs: a place to be, a good network, and a helping hand for gaining new capital and further development. Everything else we cut away. ”

Interested in startups can learn more and apply at Takeoff