New digital initiatives in the Danish healthcare sector in the years 2016-2017

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The MedCom10 work programme has been defined, and in the coming period MedCom will work with IT development within the primary sector, telemedicine, Common Language III, and the ongoing dissemination of MedCom-standards. 
MedCom’s has already begun to work with the new IT projects and activities in the healthcare sector for the years 2016-2017. The key words for the next two years are; IT development within the primary sector, telemedicine, Common Language III, and the ongoing dissemination of MedCom-standards.

“MedCom10 differ from previous work programmes by increasing the focus on active involvement of healthcare related data, which citizens and patients gather in their own home,” says MedCom’s CEO Lars Hulbæk and continues:

“So for the first time, we will start using international data standards from the organisation Health Level Seven International (HL7) at a national level. An initiative, which hopefully will give the Danish IT vendors an open door to the international markets.”

Patient’s own measurements
The healthcare sector will work towards enabling patients to electronically report their measurements from their own homes directly to their general practitioner.
Moreover, patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) throughout Denmark should also be able to report measurements from their own home, as telemedicine in the form of home monitoring for COPD-citizens must be disseminated to all Danish municipalities and regions.
Furthermore, all Danish municipalities must deploy Common Language III, which ensures that employees from different sectors and fields can update and (re)use the same information about the citizen.

The above mentioned work is an example of big projects which are a part of the MedCom10 work programme. Besides the mentioned work and projects there is also a focus on the ongoing dissemination of MedCom-messages within regions and municipalities. This includes use and dissemination of international data standards, as well as other basic tasks and activities, from previous work programmes and periods in MedCom.

Learn more about the MedCom10 programme
Learn more about the projects and activities within the MedCom10 programme. A MedCom10 Seminar day will be held on the 14 of March 2016 from 09.30 am till 15.45 pm, at Hotel Nyborg Strand, Denmark.

MedCom9 – How did it go
The MedCom9 period, from 2014 to 2015, was completed at the turn of the year.
What characterizes the period is telemedicine projects like, Clinically Integrated Home Monitoring, dissemination of Tele Psychiatry, and Telemedical ulcer assessment. What also characterized the years 2014-2015 is, complete dissemination of the Shared Medication Card, for both general practitioners and municipalities, and the ongoing dissemination of MedCom-standards.

Developing work programmes
The National Board of eHealth and MedCom’s steering committee has per. January 1st, 2016 launched the MedCom10 work programme. The MedCom10 programme is influenced by commissions from several national, regional, and municipal contracts, and strategies, given that MedCom is a publicly funded non-profit organization, owned by the Ministry of Health, Danish Regions and Local Government Denmark.

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