New app supports patients through their hospitalization

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uge 6 - mit forløb

Digitalization and the use of tablets has all become a natural part of the daily work at hospitals and Clinics. The app “mit forløb” (“my pathway”) was developed to support the patient through the process of being in hospital, as well as optimizing clinical working procedures for employees.

Patients get easy access, either through smartphone, tablet or pc, to information about their own process (before, during and after hospitalization) and relevant information that is based on evidence and selected by health professionals.

Today there are more than 15.000 users and 1000 clinics in the system – just within the Region of Southern Denmark.

The app was developed in collaboration with MedWare, a company situated in Odense that specializes in apps and web solutions within the health area.

Jesper Lakman, who had the original idea for the app says: ”MedWare is one of the most professional companies I have ever worked with, and skills are a prerequisite when when the goal is large-scale operation and the advancement of health technologies.”

Read the blog post here (Danish).