Multi Tower Robot secures 1 million Euro Investment

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uge 21 - multi tower robot investment

In February 2017, Blue Ocean Robotics unveiled the plans for the innovative mobile patient-moving robot, Multi Tower Robot, designed to transfer patients carefully and without using fixed overhead lifts. The robot is now spun-out into an independent company, Multi Tower Company, after the completed Seed investment round. 

The investment round is completed just as Arnd Baurichter takes the position as CEO of the company. Arnd will be heading the market development activities of the innovative patient-moving robot in the national and international healthcare sector.

The new robot solution was developed in a PPP collaboration with University Hospital in Køge (South of Copenhagen) and in 2020 when the new University Hospital in Køge is finished, it will be equipped with flexible robots that can help move patients in a safe way, while at the same time putting less strain on health staff, such as nurses and care assistants.

The transfer of patients lay claim on a lot of the human resources available, and is often associated with risk of work related injuries to hospital personnel and limited patient safety. The robot is a contribution to the improvement of quality level, resource utilization and general welfare development in the Danish healthcare system.

The investments constituting the Seed round are invested as part of a milestone plan to be injected into the company over the next two years. Among the investors are Syddansk Innovation A/S (EUR 470k), Rikkesege Invest ApS (EUR 201k), M. Blæsbjerg Holding Aps and Dahl Gruppen Holding A/S (EUR 75k each). The remaining amount have been invested by a smaller group of private investors – all in all, a 1 million Euro investment.

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