Mobile Healthcare Technology for osteoporosis patients

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A new research project at Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT) aims at empowering women newly diagnosed with osteoporosis to feel well equipped for making decisions about their medical treatment and the ability to demonstrate decisiveness and self-care. 
The project “Mobile Healthcare Technology – an offer for post-menopausal women diagnosed with osteoporosis” takes place at CIMT at Odense University Hospital (OUH) and is a part of Denmark’s largest welfare technological research and innovation project Patient@home.

The project is divided into three main phases: identification of needs, design and conceptdevelopment, and finally, testing of the developed solution.

The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark facilitates workshops for idea generation, as a final part of the first phase of the project. The purpose is to clarify whether mobile healthcare technology can be offered to women who are diagnosed with osteoporosis, with special focus on the screening process and the grey zone the patients potentially are in before and after hospitalvisits, scans and diagnosis. The first of these workshops took place in September 2015.

“There is, in relation to the future, good energy in being involved in such a project”, says a female patient and participant in the first workshop

After the first phase needs identification, the project will go on to design, develop, and test a mobile solution   for women aged 50-60 years diagnosed with osteoporosis. The process is user-driven and takes place with active participation from women with osteoporosis and healthcare professionals and experts form the Osteoporosis Clinic at OUH, the Osteoporosis Society, and the company Mobile Fitness who will develop the mobile solution.

Plug & Play creates realistic scenarios
The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark with their Plug & Play lab, formed the perfect setting for the project’s first workshop for health professionals and women with newly diagnosed osteoporosis. During the workshop they discussed the core of the women’s challenges and brainstormed on possible solutions to deal with these challenges.

“The Health professionals gain important information from listening to the patients when they are brought together for workshops”, says the project manager PhD student at CIMT / OUH, Pernille Ravn Jacobsen, who also appreciates the unpretentious context experienced in the Plug & Play lab.

“Using the Plug & Play lab has a positive effect; it offers many possibilities and sets the framework for the process we’re looking at. When the participants physically move through the process, it becomes more manageable. Four different concepts were developed from the first workshop – and I think it is definitely because of this unique frame”.

The company Mobile Fitness will in the coming months work on one or more mock-ups, based on the workshop participants’ ideas. These will be presented and re-designed through active user involvement, at yet another joined workshop facilitated by the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark.

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By Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT) and Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark