Interim Status: Google Glass tested at Odense University Hospital

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Google Glass

Google Glasses has been tested as a part of the Fast Track in Patient@Home, which focus on the use of advanced new technologies related to rapid continuity of care, writes Patien@home on thwir website.

The purpose of the project was testing the Google Glasses (GG) as a tool in clinical work situations at Odense University Hospital – and to examine whether it is technically possible to use the GG in collaboration with clinical systems for use in continuity of care and clarify whether GG, which can be activated hands-free, can be a useful tool in the clinic.

To department tested the GG-Technology

The Emergency Department (FAM) and Gynaecology Obstetrics D (Gyn. Obs. Div.) tested the GG-technology in practice. The GG has been used 23 times in the pilot project, 12 test without the involvement of patients and 11 with involvement of patients.
The pilot project has found positive indications for the use of GG in clinical settings in both observations, user evaluations, and verbal feedback by users and project participants.

Project Manager Claus Duedal Pedersen from Odense University Hospital says:

– Google Glass is estimated to provide a quality boost and time savings. On Gynaecology Obstetrics the contributed clinicians identical, have announced that the CTG-curve shown on the GG was a useful and valuable supplement to the verbal description, and gave a more nuanced basis for making decision.

Read the full report here.