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Finland has a successful history of innovation and development, and some of the latest innovation is ready for use in Denmark at once. 
Looking at innovations in Finland Danish companies can pick the solution that fits their needs. There is a wide selection in many aspects of healthcare and technology to support the challenges of the welfare state. The Nordic countries have a population where the numbers of elderly people is increasing while the money to pay for health services is decreasing. It is necessary to work smarter and to use the innovation to meet the challenges. Some solutions were found in Helsinki.

“I have something to bring home and implement from day one. Just to have one thing to take home is lovely”.
These words are the first Innovation Consultant and Project Manager Henrik Gaunsbæk at Centre for Innovative Medical Technology (CIMT), Odense University Hospital says, when he talks about the visit to Helsinki, Finland and he continues:
“It confirms my belief that innovation can emerge from a single, simple idea – in this case clothing for prematurely born babies. A woman gave birth to a premature baby, and she had a need for this kind of clothing. Anyone can handle it. It is super and simple”.

The clothing from Nina Ignatius, Beibamboo is already helping the babies at the hospital in Finland. The clothing is made in a way that makes it unnecessary to take out the medical devices when the baby needs to have a change of clothes.

Anti bacterial clothingWorkwear Medanta
Another company, which deals in clothing, is the Medanta. Here the fabric of the workwear is the invention. It is washable at 70 degrees, does not need ironing, is dryable and is also containing 3% spandex, so it is not oversized, but has a modern look. It is also anti bacterial.

The University Hospital in Odense will continue the correspondence with Susanne Stadius from Medanta about a possible research project to evaluate how much Medanta textiles reduces hospital acquired infections, but no decisions has yet been made.

Myontec shorts

These shorts from Myontec have built in monitors to prevent injuries and are to be used in rehabilitation.

Unite to speed up growth
Programme director Eero Toivainen from Finpro would very much like to be facilitator for the Nordic matchmaking:
“It is easy for the Finnish companies to work together with the Danish companies. Here you see small and big startups-companies within innovation and healthcare technology and by working together both countries could speed up growth and quality in the healthcare sector”.

Similar to Denmark Finland has a cluster of startups within healthcare, innovation and technology.
More than 30 small, medium and large companies in Finland met the Danish delegation in a matchmaking event.

There were companies, that had bracelets with computer chips embedded with the contact information of family and medical history, an at home medicine dispenser for a person with dementia, electronic counselling for surviving cancer patients, a system to locate things or persons, elevator and door solutions, medical consultations by video conference, antibacterial furniture and many other innovative inventions.

Chief adviser Lise Wraae Silberling from Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark was very pleased with the matchmaking event:
“It was cool to be overrun at this matchmaking. I met some very interesting people. A few of the startups-companies need to test their dataflow, and how it integrates with the IT systems in the hospitals and municipalities in Denmark – we can perform these tests at our centre in Odense. In addition, I noticed that there has been little user involvement, and testing in the developmental process which is a key and critical factor and something that we always recommend, be done. Overall, I was impressed with the technologies we saw during this visit. For instance, a company presented a solution for disinfection without alcohol which could be interesting for our hospitals and municipalities”.

Sooma portable brain stimulator

The company Sooma presented the portable brain stimulator with painless treatments and no side effects.

GE Health Innovation Village
This village of 30 companies, 50-60 people has been under the wings of a big company, GE Healthcare, for a year. The village has just been expanding. At Facebook you can watch videos of the startups. The canteen and coffee room are shared spaces and this is where many conversations and coaching have taken place. GE Healthcare introduces the startups for investors and helps them develop their business ideas.

At Planmeca the delegation was shown some of the 60.000 m2 floor spaces at the 44 year old company. It is specialized in dental technology and also does 3D modelling of skulls. Lea Bohn and Henrik Gaunsbæk from Odense University Hospital were very interested to know, if the 3D printer could produce other body parts and surely yes, the extremities could be made in titanium. They looked at a scanner that could photograph a foot for example with the person standing or having his or her foot in a horizontal position. This is commonly used at trauma clinics and sport clinics.

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By Odense Health, Centre for Innovative Medicial Technology (CIMT) and Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark