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The offer is for everyone with a new business idea and expands to new departments in Sønderborg and Kolding. 

In 2014 Forskerparken in Odense started a free startup environment called TakeOff. TakeOff is free and offers professional consulting and sparring, and as an added bonus, you get to be a part of an innovative office community.
A similar environment has been established in Forskerparken’s new department called Videnbyen, which is right next to the University of Southern Denmark. TakeOff will soon expand to the other departments in the cities of Sønderborg and Kolding

The demand for TakeOff is increasing and it is open to all entrepreneurs. The program is especially strong within robot and health technology but still offers consulting within a wide field of expertise. In this way, no ideas are turned down in advance.

An opportunity for everyone
Most startup teams in the TakeOff program have an education with a hint of technology from the University of Southern Denmark but students from many other educations are also represented in the program. This opportunity is for everyone who is dabbling with an idea for a new business. You could have a newly established business ID number or be just about to establish one. You have the idea and can describe your way to the first Proof of Concept.

At TakeOff you can get free office space including sparring from the Wingman and partners for up to one year. A Wingman is someone who is also in the environment and can help you open doors and create a network. In addition, you will also be invited to inspiring gatherings and relevant events.

Most importantly, you get a space to work, in a young and innovative environment in close proximity to a lot of people who are ready to help.

More information on TakeOff here.

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