Odense Health is a unique ecosystem of partners with different aims and different competences. It is our job to coordinate and put together small, dedicated, tailor-made partnerships, which will benefit the customer and your company.

What does Odense have to offer?

Business Environment

  • An ecosystem of established companies with whom you can
    connect, collaborate and create
  • Several start-up programs to help you grow your business
  • True Triple Helix collaboration
  • Extensive local Service Provider Network
  • Municipality support – growth & development


  • Test possibilities for health technology (proof of concept + proof of market)
  • Denmark’s largest new university hospital (2022)
  • Health tech solutions are essential to the future of the Danish health care system
  • The joint building of Odense University Hospital and University of Southern Denmark will be one of the 100 biggest buildings in the world

Workforce, Education and Talent Pool

  • Highly skilled workers
  • More than 30 relevant, higher education programs
  • 35.000 students
  • Frontier in collaborative robotics at Maersk Mc-Kinney Moeller Institute

Capital and Investments

  • Network of investors and help to find the right one
  • Investor track, which helps you with perfecting your business plan and then presenting it to relevant investors
  • Get a FundingCoach to support your growth opportunities


  • 1½ hour to Copenhagen and Malmø
  • 3 hours to Hamburg
  • Easy access to the free-way

WHINN – Week of Health & INNovation

  • Annual health and innovation conference
  • Several conferences, side-events, delegations and exhibition under one roof
  • Connect to potential customers and business partners

City of Odense

  • +1 mio $ invested every day in infrastructure, growth & construction (2012-2022)
  • International school
  • New light rail system (2020)
  • Expat service system

A Liveable City

  • “Everybody” speaks English
  • New shops and restaurants opening every month
  • Reasonable prices on offices as well as apartments/houses (real estate)
  • A lot of cultural events taking place: music festivals, food festival, flower festival
Odense Health - Value Chain

More than

more than
higher education programms

new ouh - largest hospital in denmark