Export of Danish Healthcare expertise on the rise

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Hans Erik Henriksen Healthcare DENMARK

Danish Healthcare solutions are currently benefitting from international recognition due to its high quality solutions.

Export within the Danish Health system rose by 2 percent in 2008 despite the financial crisis. It was the only Danish export-sector with an increase in Danish export.

Since 2009 the export of Danish health solutions has risen by 46 percent. It is double the total Danish export of goods, which rose 23 percent in the same period. In particular, there has been a large increase in health exports to the North American and Chinese markets of 7 and 10 percent.
Also Danish automation and telemedicine solutions are doing very well: between 2009 and 2013, exports of Danish telemedicine solutions rose by 46 percent.

Progress in the BRIC countries
In general, exports to the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) has distinguished itself in recent years and since 2010 grown by more than DKK two billion, representing an increase of almost 42 percent.

The growing interest for Danish healthcare expertise can be ascribed to a rising prosperity level in the aforementioned countries, the world class Danish innovation level and a consistent focus on user experience and safety, assesses Hans Erik Henriksen, director of the public-private consortium Healthcare DENMARK.

Hans Erik Henriksen Healthcare DENMARK

Hans Erik Henriksen Healthcare DENMARK

Collaboration with the companies
One of the reasons for the export success is a long-standing close collaboration between the Dansik healthcare sector, research, and Danish companies.
Companies in Denmark have financial incentive to co-create with patient and professional groups.

They work with an open, effective and efficient healthcare sector on the cutting edge technologies and solutions, which for several years has marked the Danish healthcare sector as one of the most impressive and adaptable healthcare sectors, says Hans Erik Henriksen.

An effective healthcare system
In Denmark hospital patients can enjoy the shortest length of hospitalization in Europe (4.5days) and a patient satisfactory rate of 92 percent.
The efficiency of the Danish healthcare sector is among the highest in the world, the efficiency increased by 12 percent from 2007-2012. The spread and support for health IT is one of the reasons. Denmark was also the first country in the world to implement national standards based on Continua Health Alliance guidelines.
All of these factors, which have also led to the world’s highest life satisfaction, are particularly ascribed to a targeted focus on patient-centered primary care, telemedicine and technology.

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