Denmark tops global health systems transparency index

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Photograph of the Danish Flag called Dannebrog.

Denmark has the most transparent health system in the world, providing accessible, reliable, useful and up-to-date information to stakeholders. Denmark tops the global health systems transparency index 2017 by KPMG, achieving top ratings on transparency of ‘governance’, ‘personal healthcare data’ and ‘finance’.

Transparency of information can be a powerful tool to reduce the cost and improve the quality of healthcare.

The healthcare industry is impacted by factors such as aging populations, budget pressures, increased costs of treatments and rising demands from patients. The availability of timely, accurate and relevant data to provide and evaluate the effectiveness of care provided to patients is essential to ensure consistent, efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of care. This is why we are particularly happy to be presented with such a rating.

In Odense, we are proud to be a part of the whole expansion within the health tech area. We believe, that by investing in innovative solutions and supporting both new and established companies, we can show the way towards a better future – for all. By achieving this kind of recognition, we hope to attract even more companies to Denmark in general and Odense in particular; because in Odense, we have the market know-how, the talent pool, the research facilities and the risk-taking investors you need to further your Company.

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