Building a digital bridge across hospitals, general physicians and the municipalities

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Foto til den DigitaleLandevej

Cross-sectorial collaboration ensures cheaper and easier access to telemedicine and digital solutions for the citizens in the Region of Southern Denmark.

– With this new digital road (Den Digitale Landevej in Danish), we are building on prior experience of earlier telemedicine projects in the region, and help build bridge between different sectors and different solutions. Once again, we show how we in the Region of Southern Denmark can work together across different functions and sectors for the benefit of the individual citizen.
This is possible because both the Region and the municipalities has such a big focus on innovation, says Carl Holst, Chairman of the Regional Council in the Region of Southern Denmark.Foto til den DigitaleLandevej

Consultations in the citizens own home
The digital road takes its point of departure in the citizens own technical instruments – like tablets, computers and smartphones – and connects the solutions to the citizens own equipment.

This could be in connection with sending data that has been gathered at home, to the hospital, the general practitioner or the municipal home care sector. It can also be in the form of a video conference, where the citizen can have a consultation with his own doctor or the hospital via his or her own computer.

Seen from the citizens perspective, they get a more flexible treatment because the consultation can be done without any additional waiting time in the citizens own home – or from the citizens workplace.

Monitor your own health at home
– With the digital road, we are creating a part of the foundation that makes it possible to realise the latest vision in the health agreement, the part about creating health through a rehabilitating collaboration with the citizen. For the chronic ill citizen it will be easier and more comfortable to use digital solutions to monitor their own health in their own home. They can quickly and with ease contact health personnel through the screen whenever there is a need for it, says director of Health and Care in the Municipality of Esbjerg Arne Nikolajsen.

The partners in the project are the municipalities of Esbjerg, Varde, Vejen, Aabenraa and Odense, the five hospitals in the region and the private partner Next Step Citizen that is a subsidiary of SE Holding A/S and the Region of Southern Denmark.

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