Danish welfare technology keep growing!

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1200 guests visited WHINN 2016 and Harddisken, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s (DR) technology magazine broadcasted on P1 did too. 

During WHINN 2016, Harddisken saw that Odense has the positions as the center of welfare technology. They visited WHINN 2016 in order to feel the pulse of the Danish welfare technology.

The entrepreneurial domination
During the visit was CEO Christian Graversen from Welfare Tech asked how far Denmark has attained within welfare technology, where to he replied ”Well, we have come so far that people have embraced the concept. Welfare technology does not cover treatment technology, welfare technology covers all the parameter, which can increase the welfare of those who need care, assistive technology, and other helpful tools in order to overcome course of a disease or a disability.”

CEO at Welfare Tech Christian Graversen, points out that it is mainly entrepreneurial companies providing solutions to the Danish welfare sector, but also well- established companies provide products to improve the Danish welfare sector and this development will continue in future.

Technology enhance assistive aids
Harddisken visited among others Izinga and Medema, two companies which have entered into a collaboration to develop the best solutions for the Danish welfare sector.

Izinga develop technologies, which fit the needs of the end-user. “It is important to involve the end-users to get their opinions” said Jannick Toftegaard Jensen CEO at Izinga.
Medema produce analogue devices for the Danish welfare system. “Through the collaboration with Izinga, Medema can add a digital layer to their devices, which provide us with a better position of strength in the future” said Lars Mills Sales Executive at MedemaGroup.

The collaboration between Izinga and Medema is based on a common desire to incorporate technology to the Danish welfare sector and therefor the two companies gain great benefits from each other.