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virksomheder strommer til startup feb 2016

The bustle prevails in TakeOff, the new start-up environment at Science park in Odense, and more companies would like to join the start-up environment. 
At the 1st of February 2016, Syddanske Forskerparker (Science Park) in Odense opened their start-up environment, TakeOff. The new department must provide all the new start-up companies, who want to be a part of the free office and counselling offer. The demand for start-up environments like TakeOff, seems to continue. The entrepreneurial environment on Funen has plenty of power, which provides bustle to the Takeoff environment.

“We are very pleased that the start-up teams choose us. There is a jumble of entrepreneurship offers, but the application for Takeoff convinces us that our way of doing things is right. We do not encumbrance the new entrepreneurs with models and processes. We try to facilitate the three main things, which starting entrepreneurs need: space, counselling, and capital”, says CEO at Syddanske Forskerparken Helle Thylkjær Henriksen.

Talented start-up companies join TakeOff
TakeOff is the free offer from Syddanske Forskerparker, where new started companies can get professional guidance and a chance to be a part of an innovative office community. The offices contains other entrepreneur pilots, companies from Odense Robotics and other, who have applied for a place via

The latest companies in TakeOff, Chiprod and Sprogeriet
“With the financial assistance, we are able to spend full-time on our new company. It is a fantastic and unique opportunity, and we look forward to put all the effort into our idea. At the same time, we also look forward to be a part of this dynamic start-up environment, along with all the other entrepreneurial teams, and to get guidance from TakeOff”, says Helene Cooper Larsen from Sprogeriet, who has the overall aim to help children with speech/ language difficulties, so they gain the best precondition socially as well as academically.

Chiprod and Sprogeriet are both selected as entrepreneur pilots among the 12 other start-up companies, which the Innovation Foundation has chosen to, support financially. The companies are selected from a field of 180 start-ups and many more people.

New partnership with Odense Robotics
In addition to the Entrepreneurial Pilots, a brand new partnership with Odense Robotics, meant that there were rooms at the TakeOff office, for robot companies CP Robotics and Norse Systems.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Syddanske Forskerparker start-up environment TakeOff, which provide robot start-ups in our program the opportunity to have a physical workplace in Syddanske Forskerpark. It is extremely complicated to start new hardware companies. Through the cooperation with Syddanske Forskerparker start-up environment TakeOff, we have the opportunity to remove one of the barrier on the road, to become a commercial success for new businesses”, says Mikkel Christoffersen, Business Unit Manager IT/ROBOT.

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Open information event about TakeOff and using student in this start-up company:
If you, as an entrepreneur, want to be part of the TakeOff, join the information event at March 4, 2016 at 15.00 in Videnbyen, Cortex Park 26, 5230 Odense M.

Contact, Anja Højfeldt Jespersen, for additional quotes and agreement on interviews with director, project manager and startupteams at:,  or telephone: +45 23 39 99 52

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