Collaboration within the ecosystem is important

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Welfare Tech

Welfare Tech’s annual network meeting was conducted April 25, 2016 in Odense. The major theme was how collaboration across the network can lead to export and new business opportunities, writes Welfare Tech on their website.

More than 90 members and stakeholders from the welfare-economic ecosystem participated in Welfare Tech’s annual network meeting. The network meeting included both the general meeting, networking sessions, dialogues and inspirational presentations from the network. The general theme focused on how important collaboration is across the ecosystem.

  • It is exciting to work with telemedicine. It addresses a lot of the challenges in the society. It also means that we have a belief that even though it remains a very immature market, then it will be a market that will be surrounded by good growth condition. This involves Denmark, as well as foreign countries, said Bettina Eriksen, CEO at TREFORE Telecare (formerly Medisat), located in Odense.