Coherent treatment courses for heart patients

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SharedCare. Sammenhængende forløb for hjertepatienter Coherent treatment courses for heart patients.

The municipal care facilities, the general practitioner and the cardiologist are all working on the same updated patient data.
Each week, four to five patients are referred to cardiac rehabilitation at the cardiac ambulatories in Svendborg and Nyborg. The healthcare professionals are now using the Shared Care Platform in their collaboration with the municipalities and the general practitioner during a heart-rehabilitation treatment course.

When the cardiac specialist sends the patient to heart-rehabilitation and enters the patient data into the Shared Care Platform, the data is automatically transferred to the electronic patient record COSMIC. Full integration between the Shared Care Platform and COSMIC, means that the data only needs to be entered once – double entry or registration is thereby avoided.

Collaboration across hospital, municipality and general practitioners
Municipal health personnel achieve great benefits, from the integration of the Shared Care Platform and COSMIC. Firstly, they get more information about the individual patient and secondly the information is up to date. In this way, the municipality can run a smooth and flexible dialogue with the citizens about their future rehabilitation. This process starts when the citizen finishes their treatment- and rehabilitation courses at the hospital.

Heart rehabilitation happens in a close collaboration between the hospital, the municipality and the general practitioner. After a rehabilitation course of six to eight weeks at the hospital in immediate extension of the treatment, follows another six to eight week program in the municipality with among others, physiotherapists.SharedCare

The Shared Care Platform supports this work because it shows all the pieces in the jigsaw that shows the entire picture of the citizen/patient’s treatment and care. Anyone involved with the patient, the hospital clinicians, municipal health staff and the general practitioner collaborate based on the same current patient data that is available to all. This helps ensure a coherent course of treatment for the citizen/patient.

The citizens has access to their own data
Even the citizens can follow along in their own data. This makes the citizen more capable to master his own rehabilitation program.

Progressively as the experiences with the Shared Care Platform rolls in, a fine-tuning of the platform is in order to optimize the platform in relation to the needs and wants of the municipality.

The heart project runs as a pilot test for all of 2015. It is followed by an evaluation of the platform in the end of 2015. Based on the evaluation, the Region of Southern Denmark will decide on the future course for all the treatment courses that are a part of the Shared Care Platform.


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