New robot ensures prompt results on blood tests

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Uge 9 - blodprøver

New OUH is investing in new technology that provides patients with answers to their blood tests within a day. Via colour coding, the robot sorts the tests and sends one every 3 seconds to the lab. Both tissue- cell- and blood samples are handled more delicately and with fewer mistakes, which benefits the patient as well as the hospital.

New surroundings – old problems – new solutions

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Uge 9 - Demola 3

It is old news that finding you way around a hospital can be difficult. When the New University Hospital in Odense (New OUH) opens its doors in 2022, the staff and patients are faced with the inconvenience of having to find their way around a new hospital, which can be difficult to get an overall view of, given its size. … Read More

Telemedicine is the future – can we keep up?

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Doctor, isolated on white backgroun,  holding digital tablet - E-Health

Bent Hansen, the chairman of the Danish Regions, wishes the launching of projects within telemedicine in the public sector were much further than it really is. The problem, Bent says to MedWatch, is the non-decision making of the public sector. It is one thing to be safe, and another thing to be slow, he says.

New app supports patients through their hospitalization

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uge 6 - mit forløb

Digitalization and the use of tablets has all become a natural part of the daily work at hospitals and Clinics. The app “mit forløb” (“my pathway”) was developed to support the patient through the process of being in hospital, as well as optimizing clinical working procedures for employees.

Welfare Innovation Day 2017

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uge 3 - Velfærdens innodag

Come meet Odense Health and be a part of the biggest welfare innovation conference in Denmark. Meet welfare leaders from public, private and voluntary organizations and get involved in the debate regarding the new initiatives, which will lead to better and more sustainable welfare solutions.